Tumblr for the Sailor Moon Art and Comics Zine, "Moon Power," published in 2013 by Friendship Edition Press. Out of print + no plans for a second volume.


Finally, I have finished the kickstarter!! I really hope y’all will spread this around as I need your help to get this zine made!

So for those of you that don’t know, I started this Sailor Moon art/comics zine back in June. I had a lot of friends starting zine projects so I was inspired to do one of my own. With the news of the new Sailor Moon series being released in 2013, I knew I had to do a Sailor Moon zine, my favourite thing ever in my childhood.

This zine is going to be over 60 pages of beautiful colour artwork from other 45 amazing contributors! The contributor list is as follows:

Hilary Florido

Hellen Jo

Natasha Allegri

Ralph Niese

Kali Ciesemier

Andrea Kalfas

Kate Leth

Barbara Tarr

Christine Larsen

Erin Rei

Michael DeForge

Aleks Sennwald

Dilraj Mann

Joanna Krotka

Sloane Leong

Sabrina Parolin

Jenn Woodall

Stefan Tosheff

Trevor Henderson

John Lang

Sam Alden

Jimmy Giegerich

Amanda Thomas

Shannon May

Britt Wilson

Carly Schmitt

Rachel Kahn

Irena Freitas

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Melanie Tranchemontagne

Laura Harte

Janelle Carbajal

Shirley Chan

Katherine Verhoeven

Katie Turner

JJ Tebrake

Amber Seegmiller

Katie Skelly

Kristen Acampora

Hannah K. Lee

Abby Boeh

Mary Verhoeven

Michelle Chrzanowski

Hamlet Machine

Gillian Blekkenhorst

Wishcandy / Sashiko Yuen

Kaity Hill

There are great rewards if you back this kickstarter such as the zine itself, a digital copy of the zine, stickers, patches, pins, sketches, original artwork, prints and other cool stuff!

Please share this far and wide!

  • 16 March 2013
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