Tumblr for the Sailor Moon Art and Comics Zine, "Moon Power," published in 2013 by Friendship Edition Press. Out of print + no plans for a second volume.


OH YEAH, 2500 followers! Thanks, y’all! I am constantly excited by how many people are pumped for this zine.

I know I just uploaded a butt ton of art for you guys since I’ve been busy, so enjoy all the goodness.

I am currently in the process of breaking down the kickstarter costs (so much math) and the incentives. I want to make sure the incentives are AWESOME because Sailor Moon stuff = the best.

I’ve created a new page with links to all our contributors so you can check out their amazing artwork. I usually don’t respond to messages too often because I am pretty busy lately, but for those asking to contribute, I’m sorry but the list is just about finalized so there is no more room. But please feel free to send your artwork my way because I love seeing it and posting it for other moonies out there.

Anyways, stay tuned for Kickstarter updates! And make sure to spread the word!

OH YES - Also, me and my collective will be present at TCAF this May! So if you are in Toronto or coming to TCAF, you can snag a zine in person!


  • 20 February 2013
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